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China Factory of Conventional Vertical Lathe with CE, ISO Certificates




(1) Function:

The double column conventional vertical lathe, also named conventional double column vertical lathe machine, manual double column vertical turning lathe, double column vertical turret lathe, suitable for hard alloy and ceramic cutting tool. It is able to have rough and refined machining to the inner and outer cylinder, inner and outer conical surface, plane, arc and complex revolution surface of parts made of ferrous metal, nonferrous metal and some non-metallic materials.

This machine mainly composed of workbench, lathe bed, gearbox, cross beam, vertical tool rest, digital display, electric cabinet and other parts.


(2) Application:

The double column conventional vertical lathe suitable for process Valves, flanges, gear, bearing etc kinds of disk type, wheel type and sleeve type parts in shipbuilding, automobile making, nuclear power industry.


(3) Structure Features:

(1)Working table adopts short spindle structure, NN3068K/W series of double row centripetal short cylindrical roller bearing, the inner ring with a taper hole, by adjusting the radial clearance, to ensure the accuracy of spindle.

(2) Gantry frame is composed of left and right column and the connecting beam. In the upper portion of gantry left-right lifting box, driven by a-c dynamo, make machine great strength and high stiffness, the aging treatment, eliminate stress, to ensure the accuracy of machine tools.

(3) Beam cast iron parts, high strength low stress has enough stiffness and strength, the aging treatment, ensure the accuracy of machine tools.

(4) The ram to within 15 ~ 30 + move Angle. Rest ram with hydraulic balance device to balance the slippery pillow part weight, make the ram smooth movement.

(5) Gear box is made of 40 cr high quenching treatment, hardness reaches HRC40-45, tooth surface gear grinding, precision can be up to level 6. Vibration and noise were reduced, the machining efficiency and reliability of the machine tool were improved.

(6) Machine tools equipped with centralized control console, walked on stage, centralized control console and walk on the button stop all can manipulate machine tool movement.

(7) Hydraulic station Table of static pressure system by the variable pump oil supply, through long balanced hydrostatic pump oil rationing every oil pool.

(8) Lubrication system with a separate lubrication station, automatic intelligent quantitative oil regularly, ensure all lubricating points, surface, friction pair get sufficient lubrication. And can avoid fault caused by artificial forget lubrication.

(9) Electrical system parts are picked from TIANSHUI 213 electrical (the supporting manufacturers) to ensure the high reliability of the machine.


(4) Typical Workpiece Made by The Machine


(5) Trial Running


Product Photo of C52 Series Conventional Vertical Lathe


Factory Photos of Vertical Lathe


Installation of C5225 Vertical Lathe at Russia


Technical Parameter of C52 Series Conventional Vertical Lathe 图片77




Instruction book, operational manual, machine bed, worktable, vertical tool post, beam, hydraulic system, beam protection, electrical cabinet air-conditioning



4 position electric tool post, full protection cover, chip conveyor, cooling system, add height of vertical column




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