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Chinese Vertical Lathe for Process Valves with CE, ISO Certificates...
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Chinese Vertical Lathe for Process Valves with CE, ISO Certificates




(1) Function:

Double column vertical lathe (CK52 series) is able to have rough and refined machining to inner and outer cylinder, inner and outer conical surface, plane, arc and complex revolution surface of parts made of ferrous metal, nonferrous metal and some non-metallic materials.

The lathe for process valves, also named CNC double column vertical lathe machine, CNC vertical turning lathe, CNC vertical turret lathe, suitable for hard alloy and ceramic cutting tool.

Features: (1) advanced design and manufacturing technology (2) conforming to the latest precision standard of the state (3) strong cutting in structure performance (4) high static and dynamic stiffness (5) safe and reliable movement (6) long life and high machining efficiency.



The CNC double column vertical lathe suitable for large electrical motor industry, large pump valve type industries, transportation industry, as well as engineering machinery, defense industries of some large workpieces cylindrical-type parts, such as the motor shell, the pump valve shell, wheel hub, to conduct turning processes on end face, internal and external cylindrical surface etc.


(3) Typical Workpiece Made by The Machine


(4) Trial Running


Product Photo of CNC Double Column Lathe for Process Valves


Factory Photos of Vertical Lathe


Installation of C5225 Vertical Lathe at Russia

image024(001).jpg image026(001).jpg

Technical Parameter of CK52 Series CNC Double Column Vertical Lathe



CNC system, instruction book, operational manual, machine bed, worktable, vertical tool post, beam, hydraulic system, beam protection, electrical cabinet air-conditioning



4 position electric tool post, full protection cover, chip conveyor, cooling system, add height of vertical column



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