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Pipe Threading Lathe

China Pipe Threading Lathe for Sale Spindle Bore from 135mm to 445mm...
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Chinese Pipe Thread Lathe for Sale Spindle Bore from 135mm to 445mm




I. Introduction of Pipe Threading Lathe:

Pipe thread lathe is a horizontal lathe specially designed for turning large diameter pipe fitting. It is characterized by relatively large hole size of the main shaft (generally more than 135mm) and chuck before and after the spindle box, so as to facilitate the clamping and processing of large diameter pipe or bar.

According to different control and operation modes, the pipe thread lathe is divided into two types: the common pipe thread lathe and the CNC pipe thread lathe.With the popularization of numerical control system, the CNC pipe thread lathe plays an important role in improving the machining efficiency, improving the machining accuracy and reducing the working intensity in the field of machining and manufacturing.

Haisen main exports :QK1313, QK1319, QK1322, QK1327, QK1330, QK1335, QK1343 CNC pipe threaded lathes.


II. Application of Pipe Threading Lathe:

Pipe threading lathe is widely used in machinery manufacturing, petroleum, chemical industry, coal, geological exploration, urban water supply and drainage, and other industries machining operations.


III. The Work piece of Pipe Threading Lathe


IV. Trial Running of Pipe Threading Lathe


V. Popular Product Display — QK1313 CNC Pipe Thread Lathe



VI. QK Series Pipe Thread Lathe Parameter




Haisen QK Series CNC Pipe Thread Lathe Sale Show

I. QK1313 GSK CNC Controller with 6 Position Turret Has Been Exported to Peru


II. QK1313 Fanuc CNC Controller with 4 Position Vertical Tool Post Exporded to Russia


III. QK1335 CNC Pipe Threading Lathe Exported to Russia


Haisen Pipe Threading Lathe Factory Display


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