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China CNC Oil Country Lathe with CE, ISO Certificates Exported to Peru, Russian...
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China CNC Oil Country Lathe with CE, ISO Certificates Exported to Peru, Russian




(1) Function:

Oil country lathe including CNC oil country lathe and Conventional oil country lathe. QK series China lathe for process pipes are CNC type.

Oil country lathe (pipe threading lathe, pipe thread lathe) is mainly for pipe thread turning in oilfield and suitable for turning of various pipe threads. The lathe belongs to a universal CNC pipe threading lathe of a semi-closed-loop control system and also can be used as a common CNC lathe, and is suitable for machining complicated shapes shaft, sleeve, disc parts. Such as turning, cylindrical surface, conical surface, arc surface, face, grooving, chamfering, thread and so on.

The oil country Lathe is a special lathe machine for machining long metal workpieces such as segments of drill strings. Oil Country Lathe is a famous product line for oil & gas fielding and metal industry. It could be big bore lathe of double chucks at both sides of the headstock, or it has large swing for big workpiece.



The QK series CNC oil country lathe were developed and designed to provide optimum performance with high cutting power while providing versatility for use in a wide range of industries-general purpose machine shops, oil country, oil pipes, big steel rollers, large diameter flanges, long shafts of ships, mining industry, power industry, mechanics industry, paper plants etc.

The finished product is with stability and good consistency, which can reduce the requirement of skilled workers. Easy programming, easy operation make it to be the ideal medium-sized machining equipment. The automatic feeding device can be designed according to customers'requirements. With the feeding device, the production will be more competitive.


(3) Typical Workpiece Made by The Machine



(4) Trial Running


image011(001).jpg image013(001).jpg

Product Photo of QK1335 Oil Country Lathe

The QK1335 exported to Russia with horizontal turret, hydraulic chucks

image015(001).jpg image017(001).jpg

image019(001).jpg image021(001).jpg

image023(001).jpg image025(001).jpg

image027(001).jpg image029(001).jpg

Technical Parameter of QK Series CNC Oil Country Lathe



Photos of QK1313 CNC Pipe Threading Lathe Exported to Peru and Russia

(1) Peru GSK CNC controller with 6 position turret

image031(001).jpg image033(001).jpg

(2) Russian Fanuc CNC controller with 4 position vertical tool post

image035(001).jpg image037(001).jpg

Factory Photo of Pipe Threading Lathe


image041(001).jpg image043(001).jpg

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