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What Is A Good Machine Tool ?

Feb 12, 2019

For the understanding of machine tool quality, stand in different Angle may have different views.HAISEN believes that everything has its roots, and the quality of machine tools will have an accepted standard of judgment.


The quality of machine tools should be measured by five elements in two parts.Part is performance, simply speaking, the machine tool itself has the ability, including precision, rigidity, technical level three elements;One part is quality, which represents users' satisfaction with the product, including reliability and stability.


The accuracy of the machine tool is divided into two parts.One is the movement accuracy of the machine itself, including positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy, generally proportional to the actual machining accuracy;The other is the machining accuracy of the machine tool, is after adding the load, the actual machining of the workpiece after the dimensional accuracy, this index and the manufacturers sample positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy is two concepts.High precision machine tools are generally high performance, but does not represent high quality, high precision machine tools but high failure rate phenomenon everywhere.


Rigidity refers to the machine tool to bear the load capacity, and cutting efficiency is proportional.High rigidity means high efficiency, note that the efficiency here is the unit time of the volume of metal removal, large deep slow tool is not necessarily high efficiency, small deep fast tool is not necessarily low efficiency.High rigidity machine tool is not necessarily high performance, does not represent high quality.


The technological level of machine tools is relative. For example, the ball screw technology was a cutting-edge technology 20 years ago, but now it is a conventional technology, and the linear motor drive is a high technology.


Machine tool technology is changing with each passing day, and new technologies are emerging in endlessly. New technologies often mean high precision, high rigidity or high quality.


The reliability of machine tools refers to the ability or possibility to perform specified functions without failure within a certain time and under certain conditions.Machine tool reliability is basically equivalent to low failure rate, is the most concerned about the user indicators.


Stability specific to the machine tool is to point to the machine tool accuracy, rigidity and other physical ability of how long the retention, that is, the length of the machine tool performance retention time.It is also an important index to influence the choice of machine tool.


CNC lathe manufacturers after the analysis of the results, high - performance machine tools and high - quality machine tools can not be drawn directly on the equal sign.High quality machine tool is equal to the sum of high performance machine tool plus high quality machine tool.


Need to point out that the evaluation of a machine tool quality, the need for reference standards.It is absurd to compare the quality of a 30,000 yuan machine tool with that of a 1 million yuan machine tool.


Comparing the quality of machine tools on the premise of basically the same quality, or comparing the performance of machine tools on the premise of basically the same quality, these are two more scientific comparative evaluation methods of machine tools.