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The Use Of CNC Lathe Details

Jan 30, 2019

      CNC lathe appearance check prior to power, machine tool electrical appliances, opened the machine electric cabinet, check relay, contactor, fuse, servo motor, speed control unit socket, spindle motor speed control unit such as presence of loose socket, such as loose should return to normal conditions, there are lock the connector of the organization must lock, a connecting box machine must check the adapter socket on the box, loose connection with and without, is bound to lock with lock group.CNC electrical box view, turn the CNC electrical box door, view all kinds of interface socket, servo motor reaction line socket, spindle pulse generator socket, hand pulse generator socket, CRT socket, etc., if there is loose to plug from the head, there is a lock organization must be locked.

     According to the instructions to view the various printed circuit board short-circuit terminal Settings, must be in line with the CNC lathe manufacturers set conditions, indeed wrong should be set from scratch, general conditions do not need to be set from scratch, but the user must short-circuit terminal Settings to do the original record.Wiring quality check all wiring terminals.Including the strong and weak electricity in the assembly of the machine tool factory to connect the terminal and the power line of the motor wiring terminal, each terminal should be tightened with a screwdriver once, until the screw screw can not move, the motor socket must be tightened.Solenoid valve view, all solenoid valve to advance several times by hand, in order to avoid a long time is not electrified caused by bad action, such as abnormal, should be recorded, in order to be electrified after admitted repair or replacement.Limit switch view all limit switch action of the sensitive and fixed is solid, found bad action or not fixed fast should be dealt with immediately.Button and switch view operation panel button and switch view, view all buttons, switches, lights on the operation panel wiring, found that there is an error should be dealt with immediately, view the CRT unit socket and wiring.Ground view requires excellent ground, ground measurement machine, Ω grounding resistance is not greater than 1.View the phase sequence of the input power supply with the phase sequence table view the phase sequence of the input power supply, recognize that the phase sequence of the input power supply and the power supply phase sequence of everywhere calibration on the machine tool should be sure to be common.Equipment with secondary wiring, such as power transformers, must recognize the commonality of the phase sequence of secondary wiring.Make sure the sequence is correct.At this moment should measure the supply voltage, make a good record.

      CNC lathe on total voltage, through to total power machine, check the CNC electric box, spindle motor cooling fan, machine tool electrical box the turning of the cooling fan is correct, is smooth, the place such as hydraulic oil flag indicates and machine head lamp is normal, the fuse is damaged, if there are any abnormal power outage overhaul immediately, without exception can proceed.Measure and record the voltage of each part of the strong current, especially the primary voltage of the power transformer for CNC and servo unit.CNC lathe manufacturers investigate whether there is oil leakage, especially for the turret, clamping, spindle shift and chuck clamping hydraulic cylinder and solenoid valve.Oil leakage should be repaired or replaced immediately.