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Technology Content Of Turning And Milling Compound Machine

Jan 29, 2019

      With the development of science and technology, manufacturing operations also began to end the development of science and technology, the emergence of a variety of active equipment, which has a significant progress in processing power, but also improve the quality of products, the following to introduce the technology content of turning milling compound machine.

      1. Multiple and complex functions.Today, only casting or processing of a mold CNC lathe is difficult to meet the needs of complex production enterprises.Therefore, a variety of functions, turning and milling compound machine, the end of the car, milling, drilling, tapping, drilling and reaming and other operations will give the enterprise more cost savings, create more benefits.

     2. High intelligence.Permanent without machine intelligence content content of science and technology, especially in car milling compound machine this initiative in equipment, processing power, high quality and high end system can drive high performance, easy to connect, the operation is simple human nature, can take the initiative to programming, intelligent monitoring, intelligent diagnosis and so on function, so can greatly save manpower capital and maintenance costs.

      3. Faster speed and more accurate.High-speed equipment can help improve the enterprise yield, and precision equipment can greatly improve the product qualification rate.If the precision of a CNC lathe can be improved from micron level to sub-micron level or even to the accuracy of nanometer level, then the product quality will be far higher than other similar products on the market.