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Possible Dangers Of Pipe Threading Lathes And Ways To Avoid Them

Jan 23, 2019

    There are all kinds of unexpected dangers when operating a pipe threading lathe.A lot of accidents can be avoided if we are careful in our operations.Below are the risks that may occur in pipe threading lathes and how to avoid them.

      First, a splash of iron filings causes accidental injury.The way to avoid this danger is to wear goggles at work.

      Secondly, iron filings constantly cause accidental injury.In order to avoid this phenomenon need early operation of pipe thread lathe to do these work: grinding out a reasonable chip Angle;Do not wear gloves when working.When cleaning iron shavings, stop to clean with hook.

      Third, the workpiece protrudes from the spindle too long, causing accidental injury.So the workpiece is 300mm longer than the spindle, set the baffle or support with a bracket.

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