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Origin Of Spring Festival

Jan 25, 2019

      Chinese Spring Festival is coming soon. Chinese Spring Festival is like Christmas in western countries. Do you know the origin of Spring Festival?

   There are many theories about the origin of the Spring Festival, among which several are more representative, such as the Spring Festival originated from the wax festival, the Spring Festival originated from the witchcraft ceremony, the Spring Festival originated from the ghost festival, etc.

     One day in 2000 BC, shun was the son of heaven, leading his men to worship heaven and earth.From then on, people regard this day as the beginning of the year.It is said that this is the origin of the lunar New Year, later called the Spring Festival.

      Here's another way to say it:

     "Nian" is a fierce beast in the folklore of the han nationality.Year beast years deep in the sea, every New Year's eve, climb ashore to devour livestock injury.Therefore, every New Year's eve, villages and villages of the people of the old and young, fled to the mountains, in order to avoid the "nian" injury.It was New Year's eve again, and the villagers were busy packing up and preparing to flee to the mountains, as usual.At this time, the village east to a white-haired old man, the white-haired old man said to an old woman as long as he lived in her home for one night, he will be able to "nian" beast away, I saw that day, the white-haired old man in red, red couplets on the door, set off firecrackers outside the house, gongs and drums, nian beast will escape.So every year when the New Year to set off firecrackers, wear red clothes, paste red couplets, gongs and drums.