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Handling And Unpacking CNC Machine Tools

Jan 24, 2019

      Before unpacking to carefully observe the CNC machine packaging appearance is intact, if there is obvious damage to the packaging should be notified to the shipping unit, in conjunction with the transport department to find out the cause, to distinguish the responsibility.After unpacking, first find out the random documents, according to the packing list, check one by one, see whether the machine tool is consistent with the packing list, at the same time the appearance inspection.If the contract stipulates that the manufacturer shall be responsible for the installation and commissioning, the manufacturer shall be informed to dispatch personnel to carry out the work.CNC machine lifting should be single box lifting, to prevent shock vibration.Use when carrying roller, roller diameter with 70-80 mm advisable, ground shall not be greater than 15 ° slope degrees.The appearance of the packing cases should be checked carefully before unpacking.When unpacking, first remove the top cover, then unpacking the wall;After unpacking, it shall first find out the relevant documents carried with it, and count the number of machine parts and cables according to the list.