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CNC Lathe Spindle Components Have What Structural Characteristics

Jan 24, 2019

      CNC lathes have spindle parts, some only one spindle parts, there are many.Machine tool spindle refers to the machine tool drive the workpiece or tool rotation of the shaft, is a hollow step shaft, hollow shaft occupies the space volume is larger, but can reduce the weight.According to the material mechanics analysis, when the torque is transferred by the rotating shaft, the effect of the effective torque is larger when it is transferred from the radial section.When the shaft needs to transfer a larger torque, it needs a thicker axle diameter.Since the role of torque transfer in the shaft is small, so the general use of hollow, in order to reduce the weight of the shaft.Usually by the spindle, bearing and transmission parts (gear or belt wheel) composed of spindle parts.The motion precision and structural stiffness of spindle components are the factors that determine machining quality and cutting efficiency.The main indexes to measure the performance of spindle are rotary accuracy, stiffness and speed adaptability.Spindle parts are the implementation of the machine tool, its function is to support and drive the workpiece or tool, to complete the surface movement, but also transfer the movement and torque, bearing cutting force and driving force and other load.