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S7 CNC Lathe with Tray and Live Tools

Jul 30, 2018

Dalian Haisen Machinery Co., Ltd. specialized in precise CNC lathe, gantry loader, and feeding system, vertical machining center, swiss type CNC lathe, pipe threading lathe, vertical lathe, below is a project introduction for the automotive parts industry application.



Below is some of customer cases parts machined by our CNC LATHES for your reference.


Indirect application: 



Typical customer:

One MAG Rare-Earth Company


Machining product:




As for this product, considering customer’s mass production requirement,

We propose our precise CNC lathe with gantry loader, for saving labor cost and improving production efficiency.

Due to the product has a high request on the roughness finish, we take the motor spindle (electric spindle instead of mechanical spindle) for improving the brightness and efficiency, and to get a better stability.

Meanwhile due to the two ends need to be machined, we added one change-over ends device, for realizing change the ends automatically.

Due to there is one hole needs to be machined, we added one electrical live tool to reach this request.

Specify solution:

In order to have a continuous production, we use S7 + Gantry loader in tray as the feeding system.


The other added devices is as below:image001_副本.jpg

Meanwhile due to the high efficiency request, we choose synchronous electric spindle for enhance spindle rotation speed and cut noise from driving pulley.

Also, for the gantry loader, we use SMC pneumatic system for more reliable running.


The last even well take care for the packaging55.jpg