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CUSTOMER CASE - Proportional Type Solenoid Valves-Automatic slant CNC lathe with motor spinder

Nov 07, 2018

      Dalian Haisen Machinery Co., Ltd. specialized in precise CNC lathe, gantry loader, and feeding system, vertical machining center, Swiss type CNC lathe, pipe threading lathe, vertical lathe.Here below is the customer case parts machined by our CNC LATHES for your reference.


Direct  application


Indirect  application


Typical customer

      One precision hydraulic electric company for hydraulic solenoid valves.


The exact producing parts


      As for this product, considering customer's mass production requirement,

      a. We propose our automatic precise CNC lathe with gantry loader , for saving the labor cost and improving the production efficiency.

      b. Based on the parts characteristics, we propose to use tray as the stocking system for loading & unloading the parts.

      c. More over ,due to the high requirement for the product surface finish, we propose to use motor spindle for getting a better roughness.

      d. The exact CNC lathe is our typical slant X36 with better stiffness ,and the added chips conveyor for better dealing with the chips.


Specify solution

      Precision CNC lathe X36 with SLANT bed

      Gantry loader


      Chips conveyor


The other added devices are as below


The last even well,we take care for the packaging!