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CUSTOMER CASE - RF connectors - Precise CNC lathe with gantry loader in tray

Nov 21, 2018

      Dalian Haisen Machinery Co., Ltd. specialized in precise CNC lathe, gantry loader, and feeding system, vertical machining center, Swiss type CNC lathe, pipe threading lathe, vertical lathe.Here below is the customer case parts machined by our CNC LATHES for your reference.


Direct  application



Indirect  application

Typical customer

One electrics technology company for connector parts.


The exact prodcting parts.


As for this product, considering customer's mass production requirement:

a. We propose our automatic precise CNC lathe with gantry loader, for saving the labor cost and improving the production efficiency.

b. Based on the parts characteristic, need a better surface finish, therefore, we proposed to use motor spindle instead of mechanical spindle for getting more shinning and brightness.

c. Considering the products process technology, we added one live-tool for the square-turning and threading.

d. According to the customer request, we add one USD plug for recording the products program and quantity, and one hand wheel for better adjust the auto-hand robot program.


Specify solution

Precision CNC Lathe S7 with motor spindle plus gantry loader.


                                   The other added devices are as below

201810311731137823546 (1)

                                 The last even take care for the packaging


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